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"What are brake pads?" you might ask. Brake pads work with the brake caliper to stop the spinning motion of your wheels. The caliper squeezes the pads together, creating friction between the pads and the brake rotors. The pads and rotors then work together to stop your car's wheels. When you push your brake pedal and hear a squeak, it's most likely your brake pads are thin and need to be replaced.Our Jaguar service center features the best certified automotive technicians in Missouri that know your Jaguar inside and out. Contact Plaza Jaguar St Louis today or schedule your next service online.

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Brake pad replacement is the most common repair job for your Jaguar's brake systems. This is because brake pads are designed to wear out over time. The pads rub on the rotor and the friction created stops your car. Worn pads are the first part to check if you are experiencing any braking problems like squeaking or rattling. If the pads are worn thin or are cracked from heat during use, pad replacement may be necessary and the system should be inspected. The important thing is to be alert to the telltale signs of worn down brake pads, and to make the replacement soon-or else, you could endanger both your pocketbook and your family's safety.

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So how do you know when your brake pads need replacing? Just listen, it's that simple. When a brake pad needs replacing, it makes a distinctive sound. Specifically, you will hear a screeching, squeaking or squealing noise-one that begins when you press down on your brake pedal and doesn't necessarily stop once the pedal is released. Also keep your ears open for a grinding sound as you brake-another way to know that your brake pad is on its last leg. This leads to some metal-on-metal scraping as the caliper rubs against the rotor...and could potentially cause damage. 

Note that the squealing sound you hear is actually a safety mechanism built into the car-a tab built into the brake pad and designed to let the driver know that the pad has worn down too far and needs to be replaced before further damage is done. Listen to this warning! If you don't replace the brake pad fairly soon, you run the risk of further damage to your vehicle-to the rotor, in particular-which will make it far more expensive when you finally do take the car in for maintenance. Take action by scheduling a maintenance appointment for your Jaguar at our state-of-the-art dealership. In the long run, it could actually save you quite a bit of money-and also prevent you from driving in a car that just isn't safe.

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Aftermarket parts can jeopardize the dependability and the overall performance of your Jaguar, especially if it's an older model. Fortunately, our service center only uses genuine Jaguar parts. Like to work on your Jaguar yourself? You can order your parts online at!